Hogtied And Gagged By Escaped Female Convict

tape gagged girl tied up by escaped female prisoner
Mary is getting tied up by an escaped female prisoner (photo: selfgags.com)

The Escaped Prisoner
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Laika has escaped prison and desperately needs a place to stay to hide from the police. The cunning female bandit has chosen Mary’s house as her hideout.

Mary is blindfolded and tape gagged with her hands tied behind her back while she is being escorted into the living room by masked Laika who is strict and dominant in her way of handling poor Mary.

Laika’s job is to pacify Mary as much as possible so she can stick around for the next few days without being caught by the police and without Mary escaping! She replaces Mary’s tape gag with a stinky pair of socks cleaved inside her mouth with silver duct tape going all the way around her head before she is tied up even further until she ends up hogtied and helpless on the floor!

Laika is one sneaky bitch!

Sexy girl in jeans hogtied and gagged by escaped prisoner
Mary is gagged and hogtied by the escaped prisoner, Laika (photo: selfgags.com)
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SOURCEThe Escaped Prisoner
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