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Pantyhose Encased Babysitter Tied Up And Gagged

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We Love To Play Tie-Up Games With The Babysitter!
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Our new babysitter Laura is so much fun! Not only is she super hot – she is also down to play our crazy tie-up games!

In the beginning, Laura is very much into our games where she let us tie her up, but as time proceeds and she learns that we don’t want to untie her again, she starts nagging at us. We have to cleave gag her with a scarf to shut her up and Laura is now bitching at us through her gag while she looks extremely upset about being bound and gagged.

She manages to break out of the bondage and tells us how naughty we are for not letting her go! That is when we grab her again, strip her down to her underwear and tie her up – this time duct-tape tied and encased in our stepmom’s pantyhose with a pair of stepmom’s dirty panties stuffed and tape wrapped in her mouth!

Hee-hee! Good luck getting out of that one, Laura!

Pantyhose encased babysitter tied up and gagged in tape bondage
Laura Martinez is a tied up and gagged babysitter! She is encased with pantyhose and bound with duct tape as she struggles to get free, tape gagged and helpless!
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