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Kidnapped Girl Held For Ransom

A girl kidnapped by two women has her hands tied above her hands and a tight cleave gag strapped in her mouth. She cries helplessly as her female kidnappers make a phone call to...
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Hot Russian Actress Tied And Tape Gagged

Hot Russian actress Anna Glaube tied up and gagged with tape. From a short film called Film #21.
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Three Mean Girls Humiliate Chair Tied Captive In The Bathroom

A busty girl is freshing up in the bathroom when she is approached by two dominant women. The girl is made to sit on a chair where one of the women binds her hands...
Russian Damsel In Distress Gagged With Duct Tape

Tape Gagged Russian Damsel In Distress Struggling To Escape

A Russian girl wakes up tied to a chair and duct tape gagged in an old warehouse. Watch the bound and gagged girl crying and struggling for escape while an explosive device is about...
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Young Fashion Model Turned Humiliated Bondage Slave By Strict BDSM MILF – sponsored by Selfgags Laura is a talent scout looking for new models for a fashion agency and today Maria Martinez has come to audition. Laura...