Defiant Teenage Girl Gagged In Multiple Ways!


A mom is having problems with the attitude of her teenage daughter so she takes her to a self-declared counselor who is known for correcting defiant behavior in bratty teenage bitches!

The counselor is using bondage and multiple gags to adjust girls’ attitudes – and so far she has only had a success rate of 100%!

This teenage girl was a big mouthful though, and so she needed lots of gagging! Most of the gags were extreme and so uncomfortable that the girl would wish she had listened to her mom!

These are the gags the girl were made to wear for 1 hour straight:

Gag 1: Gagged with a red ballgagGirl gagged with red ballgag

Gag 2: Mouth stuffed with socks and gagged with strips of silver duct tape
Duct tape gagged girl in bondageGag 3: Socks stuffed in mouth and cloth cleave gagged tight
Sexy bondage girl cleave gagged tightWATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE

Gag 4: Gagged with panties and multiple pieces of clear packaging tape
Panty gagged girl with clear tape on her mouthGag 5: Mouth stuffed with a full pair of pantyhose tied in as a cleave gag with another pair of pantyhose
Bound girl gagged with pantyhose

Gag 6: Panty gagged and taped shut with two pieces of black duct tape put over her mouth as an X
Tied girl with black tapegagWATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE

Gag 7: Sock gagged with silver duct tape thickly cleaved inside her mouth and wrapped around her head!
Duct tape bound girl cleave gagged tightGag 8: Huge pantygag made with BBW panties effectively held in with clear packing tape wrapgag!
Taped girl gagged with big pantiesGag 9: Black pantyhose head encasement with red ballgag strapped into her mouth from the outside!Bondage girl pantyhose encased and ball gaggedWATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE

Gag 10: Enormous car wash sponge solidly taped inside her mouth with multiple layers of head-wrapped silver duct tape!
Bound girl gagged with big duct tapegagGag 11: Big knotted jawbreaking cloth cleave gag tightly tied into her sore mouth
Girl wearing knotted cleavegagGag 12: Red ball gag covered with black duct tape wrapped around her head!
Cute female wrap gagged with black duyct tapeWATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE

SOURCEDefiant Teenage Girl Duct-Taped To A Chair And Gagged In 12 Different Ways For 1 Hour Straight!
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