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Girl Hand Gagged By Amazon Woman selfgags

Babbling Girl: Handgagged And Handsmothered By HOM Controlling Amazon Woman!

Tall amazon woman Goddess Brandon is annoyed with her babbling roommate Jae Lynn who always talk about boys. Brandon is giving Jae Lynn a shoulder massage while she listens to Jae Lynn's usual yapping...
Sassy is overpowered and wrestled down with a handgag (photo: selfgags.com)

Cock Craving Bitches Put Each Other In Bondage

Sexy black beauty Sassy Katt is getting ready to go out on a Valentine's Day date when her roommate Syoja finds out it's the same guy she's got a date with tonight. CLICK HERE TO...
Annoying girlfriend chair tied and ball gagged (photo: selfgags.com)

How To Deal With Your Annoying Girlfriend

What to do when your annoying bitch-ass girlfriend think she's in charge of EVERYTHING around the house including what to watch on the tv? CLICK HERE TO GET INSPIRED! GET THE FULL VIDEO GUIDE BY CLICKING...
Bound and gagged mom smells daughter's stinky feet

Mom Bound And Gagged For Foot Smelling

It is early morning and mom Sierra doesn't want to get out of bed. She is woken up by her bratty daughter Eliza who wants mom to cook breakfast but mom is really lazy...
Jennifer is a tricked babysitter getting bound and gagged (photo: selfgags.com)

Tricked Babysitter Bondage

Super cute Jennifer Bliss arrives for a babysitting job interview at Vicky Vixxx house. Vicky says that her little ones can be quite a mouthful to handle because they are pretty wild and they...