Forcing Little Sister To Smoke Through Hand Over Mouth And Tape Gag!

Girl forced to smoke with tape on her mouth
Dakota Charms forces little sister Gemi to smoke through hand over mouth and tape gag to make her quit! (photo:

Adorable sisters Dakota and Gemi are enjoying eachother’s company on a bench in the great outdoors when little sister Gemi lights up a cigarette. Dakota is shocked by seeing her little sister smoke and tells her all the bad things cigarettes does to your body. Gemi doesn’t care about her big sister’s preach and enjoys her cig. Dakota comes up with an idea to make Gemi quit smoking. Gemi has her hands duct taped behind her back and complains that she don’t like being tied up. Dakota puts her hand over Gemi’s mouth, places a cigarette between her fingers and lights it up. Gemi mmphhs behind her big sister’s handgag that forces her smoke the cigarette while big sister explains how she will make Gemi smoke all of the cigarettes one after another to make her so sick that she never want to smoke again…


Little sister Gemi smoking a cigarette in front of big sister Dakota Charms
Gemi is smoking a cigarette while big sister Dakota is giving her a preach
Tied girl forced to smoke through hand over mouth
Big sister Dakota has Gemi’s hands tied behind her back and forces her to smoke through hand over mouth
Gemi forced to smoke a cigarette through Dakota Charms hand over mouth
It ain’t pleasant for little sister Gemi to be forced to smoke through big sister’s handgag
Tape gagged by big sister
Dakota duct tapes little sister’s mouth shut
Forced smoking through tape gag
Gemi is forced to smoke through her tape gag
Tied girl forced smoking through tapegag
Gemi is far from happy with the situation…

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