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Tied And Gagged For Likes By Social Media Girl

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The Like Hunter
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Sexy 19-year-old Mary Macaya is so hungry for likes on social media that she will do anything to get them!

The young starlet is taking selfies in the living room when her housemate, Anli Anila, comes in and is invited to join Mary’s selfie session. The two girls take a few normal selfies together. Mary has found out that photos with gagged girls get a lot of Likes on social media and so she suddenly starts to handgag Anli.

The handgagging then leads to Mary tying up and gagging poor Anli with Anli’s own worn socks cleaved in her mouth with brown packaging tape. Anli finally becomes hogtied on the floor and has selfies taken with Mary who just can’t wait to see her Like-count rise!

Barefoot girl hogtied and gagged
Anli Anila hogtied and gagged by social media addict Mary Macaya (photo:
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