Tape Gagged Girl Pantyhooded And Mummified

Tape Gagged Girl Mummified And Pantyhooded
Maria Martinez is wrapped in a sheet and mummified with duct tape. She has 3 socks taped in her mouth and a stinky pantyhood over her nose! (photo: selfgags.com)

Encased For Humiliation!
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Get ready to experience one of the craziest and most humiliating mummification sessions you’ve ever seen!

Sexy Maria Martinez is carried into the room over her stepmom’s (Laura) shoulder while she gets her ass spanked by Laura and her big step-sister Katherine. Laura and Katherine have plans for young Maria and it ain’t gonna be a pleasant experience for her!

Maria is wrapped up in white bedsheets and fully encased in silver duct tape from the very bottom of her feet and all the way up to her shoulders with three silencing socks stuffed inside her mouth, tape wrap gagged shut, and hooded with panties with even more entangling layers of tape wrapped around her head!

All on-screen!

Gagged girl pantyhooded in tight mummification bondage
Maria is wrapped in a sheet, mummified with duct tape, and heavily gagged and pantyhooded! (photo: selfgags.com)
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SOURCEEncased For Humiliation!
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