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Luna Grey Turned Into A Mummy!

Luna enters the room not knowing Jeff is hiding behind her bed. She gets undressed & when she have just taken off her last sock Jeff ambushes her from behind. He grabs his backpack...
Trapped and gagged by Carleyelle in mummification bondage selfgags

Wrapped Up Like An Egyptian Mummy & Tape Gagged By The Crazy Artist!

Crazy blonde female artist Carleyelle is going out of her mind! She is working really hard to find inspiration for her next masterpiece but whatever she draws turns out really bad. Carley remember that...
Young girl wraparound tapegagged in tight mummification bondage selfgags

Young Escape Artist In First-Time Mummification Bondage!

Young and beautiful 19 yr-old Eliza Starr is sure she can escape any tie her leather-clad dominatrix friend Sierra Lovelea puts her in. Sierra got all her bondage rope out and asks the cocky...