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Kendra Lynn handsmothered by Vicky Vixxx

Tricked Into Bondage: Handgagged & Smothered! (Episode 1 of 2)

Best friends Kendra Lynn and Vicky Vixxx are about to go out for a good time but Vicky want to show Kendra how good she's become with rope before they go. Vicky kindly asks...
Vicky Vixxx handsmothered by Asian Loosey Lu at SELFGAGS

Asian Handsmother Massage

Known for her unusual massage techniques, sexy Asian massage therapist Loosey Lu is hired for a massage by Vicky Vixxx. Vicky have no idea what these special techniques are all about and why people...
Girl Hand Gagged By Amazon Woman selfgags

Babbling Girl: Handgagged And Handsmothered By HOM Controlling Amazon Woman!

Tall amazon woman Goddess Brandon is annoyed with her babbling roommate Jae Lynn who always talk about boys. Brandon is giving Jae Lynn a shoulder massage while she listens to Jae Lynn's usual yapping...