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Little sister finds big sister gagged and bound by a robber on the floor

Big Sister Gagged, Bound And Found By Little Sister

Big Sister Gagged, Bound And Found By Little Sister – sponsored by Selfgags Gorgeous Maria Martinez comes home from a wild night out with friends and finds her big sister, Katherine Martinez. Maria is wearing a lovely...
Barefoot tape bondage girls

Barefoot Tape Bondage Girls Tied And Gagged By Brat

Barefoot Tape Bondage Girls Gagged And Dominated By Playful Brat - sponsored by Selfgags Sexy Mary Macaya is in the mood for some kinky bondage fun with her friends! The playful brat mistress has captured two of...

Gagged Stepsisters Bound To Kiss

It's late at night and sexy Latina step-sisters Katherine and Maria Martinez are kissing each other passionately on the bed when their step-mom Laura walks in. Laura knows how much Katherine and Maria love...
Mummified woman wrapped up in gift wrap paper by naughty elf

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Dear reader, This Christmas SELFGAGS.COM will be giving away one free and exclusive never-released bondage video for all subscribers on our mailing list! To receive your free bondage clip simply enter your name and email address...
Mother and daughters duct tape wrap gagged tight and gag kissing

Latina Mother And Daughters Duct Tape Wrap Gagged Tight

Our story begins with Katherine and Maria escorting their bound and thickly over-the-mouth gagged step-mom, Laura, into another room by spanking her while making her hop! The girls sit her down on a chair, tie...
Jet Black bound and gagged by Carleyelle the masked catsuit burglar

The Catsuit Burglar Break-In!

Cunning catsuit burglar Carleyelle breaks into a house to steal a valuable diamond necklace. Silently snooping around in her stunning black leather suit, Carleyelle want to make sure nobody's home when she sees a girl napping...
Carleyelle and Jet Black does Fifty Shades Of Grey bondage for Selfgags

50 Shades Of Carleyelle (Episode 2 of 2)

Having left Jet Black alone to struggle for a while, Carleyelle returns to her bound and gagged roommate with a yellow sponge. She runs it over Jet's blindfolded face and takes out the ballgag...