Big Sister Gagged, Bound And Found By Little Sister

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Little sister finds big sister gagged and bound by a robber on the floor
Maria Martinez comes home to find her big sister gagged and bound by a robber on the floor! (photo:

Big Sister Gagged, Bound And Found By Little Sister
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Gorgeous Maria Martinez comes home from a wild night out with friends and finds her big sister, Katherine Martinez. Maria is wearing a lovely green dress with black boots. Katherine is bound and gagged in her underwear with duct tape on the floor.

Maria slightly peels the sticky duct tape off Katherine’s gagged mouth to hear what happened to her. Katherine explains how a robber came into the house, took some things, and left her tied up and gagged on the floor.

At first, Maria is quite overwhelmed by finding her big sister in this powerless position – but she also quite likes the idea of having Katherine bound, gagged, and helpless.

Maria decides to move on with the kinky idea and keep her annoying big sister bound and gagged for the night, but the gag sucks and so do the ties the robber put on Katherine. So Maria must now tie and gag her annoying big sister even better than the robber!

She stuffs a pair of dirty white socks in her big sister’s mouth and duct-tapes it shut. It’s safe to say that Katherine ain’t happy about the humiliation aspect of being sock gagged by her little sister; she grunts and angrily gagtalks at Maria during the whole gagging process.

Thankfully, Maria ain’t able to understand a single word from Katherine’s tapegagged mouth!

She turns her sock mouth stuffed bitch big sister over on the floor and hogties her with pantyhose. Maria gives Katherine’s helpless ass a smack to show supremacy and dominance against her powerless big sister!

Little sister Maria playfully circles around her hogtied bondage sister in her sexy high-heeled boots. She also put her boots on her big sister’s head to put her in her place. Gagged big sister Katherine is so humiliated under her little sister’s boots as she is kept under her feet!

Finally, the dominant little sister takes humiliating selfies of Katherine, kisses her gag, and leaves the big sister gagged and bound on the hard floor!

Gagged big sister bound and helpless in bondage
Maria Martinez finds big sister Katherine Martinez bound and gagged by a robber (photo:

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