8 Hogtied Girls Pantyhose Hooded And Gagged Tight


Pantyhosed Piggy Girl Horror: 8 Captured Mall Girls
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Even though these eight girls are total strangers to each other, they all have one thing in common: They were captured at the same mall and taken to a house by two criminal bitches!

One by one, each girl is escorted into the living room by their two female captors who follow the same procedure for each one of their captives. The girls are already tied up with brown packaging tape and their mouths sealed shut with a piece of duct tape as the two criminal bitches make them hop to where they want them.

When having escorted the hopping damsel into the living room, the criminal women remove her tapegag, drags a pair of pantyhose down over her head, and cleaves brown packaging tape in her mouth like a tight tape cleavegag from the outside of the pantyhose head encasement.

Every girl is then made to lay on their stomach where their bound wrists get connected to their tied ankles and the soles of their feet are tightly taped together too. The loose ends of her pantyhose encasement are then pulled back and tied to the back of her ankles, making the hogtied damsel look like a cute little piggy girl.

Barefoot Girls Pantyhose Hooded While Hogtied And Cleave GaggedThe two criminal bitches follow the same procedure for all of their 8 captured mall girls who finally end up hogtied, pantyhosed, and struggling on the floor next to each other as they are away from the truck that is going to come to pick them up and take them away!

Barefoot Girls Pantyhose Hooded While Hogtied And Cleave GaggedCheck out the full free photo gallery below or click here to watch the video

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SOURCEPantyhosed Piggy Girl Horror: 8 Captured Mall Girls
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