Kidnapped Latina Tied And Gagged In Car Trunk

Helpless damsel tied up and gagged in car bondage
Laika is a kidnapped hitchhiker bound and gagged in the car trunk (photo:

The Disappearing Of Laika Labado
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Cute Laika Labado is a girl in need of a ride. She stops a car, asks for a ride, and is invited inside by a young man driving it. The two of them talk for a while when suddenly the guy stops the car and unexpectedly attacks Laika!

Laika is taken out of the car, carried over the shoulder, and tossed in the trunk. Here, the guy ties up the sexy hitchhiker with silver duct tape, takes one of her nasty worn socks off, and stuffs it inside her mouth. He plasters Laika’s sock-stuffed mouth shut with pieces of duct tape and goes off-camera…

Tape gagged girl tied up in jeans
Laika is a bound and gagged damsel in distress

Tied and gagged, Laika hysterically struggles in the trunk of the car which, fortunately, still remains open. She squirms around and makes a lot of noise when she miraculously manages to writhe her tape-tied body out of the trunk and land on her feet!

Laika makes an escape attempt, desperately hopping down the road with one foot barefoot and the other one still clad in a sock. She hopes to make it so far away from the car that she can get help, but the guy quickly notices what the naughty girl is up to and comes running at her, picks up her restrained body, and throws her right back in the car trunk!

The guy closes the trunk that contains bound and gagged Laika after which he goes inside and starts the engine, ready to drive. All hope is now gone for Laika Labado!

Sexy bondage girl gagged in car trunk
Laika is a captive damsel in distress bound and gagged in a car trunk
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SOURCEThe Disappearing Of Laika Labado
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