Popular Girl Tied And Gagged By Jealous Brats!

Gagged girl hogtied barefoot by jealous girls
Popular Ari is hogtied and gagged with socks and tape by jealous Mary and Laika! (photo: selfgags.com)

Little Miss Popular Bound And Gagged For The First Time!
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There is this annoying, popular girl called Ari Gonzalez in Mary and Laika’s class. Ari is a real cutie and everyone loves her and it makes Mary and Laika sick! So to relieve themselves from their frustrations, Mary and Laika grab Ari for her very first time in bondage!

Ari is dramatically escorted into the house by Mary and Laika. Her hands are tied behind her back and she is cleave gagged with a white scarf. Ari is feisty as hell and she constantly tries to pull away from her two captors!

Mary and Laika sit Ari on the couch and hold down her squirming body while they gradually get her ankles and legs restrained, making it harder and harder for little Ari to resist. Ari is filled with a mixed feeling of anger and helplessness, and even more so when her cleave gag is removed and replaced with a firm hand-over-mouth action by Laika!

Sexy Girl Gagged With Socks
Mary gagging Ari with Laika’s stinky socks

Mary demonstratively peels Laika’s white worn socks off of her feet while she keeps whining Ari hand gagged and helpless. Mary dangles the socks in front of poor Ari and teases her with the strong smell from Laika’s dirty socks, causing Ari to freak out and the girls to laugh!

Mary balls up Laika’s socks and violently crams the sock packing into Ari’s mouth with the help of Laika. She then winds brown packaging tape around Ari’s sock-packed mouth while Laika keeps the gagged girl’s ponytail up high and free from the tape wrapgag.

Ari is almost under full control now and only needs to be hogtaped to be fully subdued by Mary and Laika who do an amazing job in tag-teaming the popular cutie!

They mock her, tickle her feet and do everything they can to make her feel as powerless as possible until they leave their poor, barefoot damsel alone to squirm and struggle, hogtied and helpless on the sofa!

Young popular girl hogtied and gagged by lesbians
Popular Ari Gonzalez is punished with bondage for being an annoying brat! (photo: selfgags.com)
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