How Sniffing My Female Co-Worker’s Stinky Sneakers Got Me Into Female Domination

In this week's episode of Fetish Confessions, we get to hear the true story of a guy who discovered a hidden interest in the world of female domination after smelling his female colleague's dirty shoes!

Woman Holding Stinky White Shoes
A worn pair of smelly girl shoes isn't exactly what most people find sexually arousing, but for others, sniffing a dirty pair of women's sneakers can be very stimulating experience

Up until recently, I had this female co-worker working as a school teacher and me as someone without education who would simply assist the teacher and help students during class. We were both in our mid-30s.

Her name was Josie and she was dominant by nature, always wanting to control what everyone said and did around her, including me.

Josie would never hide her major love for the feminist movement and her general interest in far-left politics, and she would do just about anything in order to convince everyone else why her political orientation was the only right one.

Josie was the type of girl who would interrupt a conversation and lecture the people around her if their opinions didn’t fit in with her way of seeing the world. She was about 5,7 feet tall and she had long beautiful red hair.

Josie was a dominant girl with a relaxed style of clothing. She loved dressing herself up in comfortable woolen clothes and she often showed up at work wearing a sweater, a tight pair of jeans, and thick woolen socks inside a pair of dirty white sneakers.

It was these sneakers that would later spark my sudden interest in female domination, submission, and humiliation.

Dirty Worn White Female Sneakers To Smell As Punishment And Humiliation
Josie’s worn shoes

Fantasizing About The Smell Of Josie’s Dirty Shoes

Being confronted with Josie’s dominant personality on a daily basis, I started having fantasies about what a person like her might be like in the bedroom. Would she be just as dominant here too or would she submit herself and – for once – let someone else be in charge of her?

Oddly enough, my secret thoughts about Josie’s role in the bedroom had me start to have weird fantasies about her dirty white sneakers and what they might smell like. Would they smell good or bad? I imagined them to be kind of stinky since they were looking rather dirty on the outside, so why would they not be on the inside?

I knew I was never going to find out more about what Josie would be like in the bedroom as she and I had no romantic relationship going on at all – but one thing I could get an answer to was how those worn sneakers of her would smell like!

How I Planned To Sniff Her Worn Sneakers

As I had this returning fantasy about what Josie’s dirty white sneakers might smell like, it actually took me a lot of courage and mental preparation to actually move on with the idea of actually smelling them.

How would I smell them when she is wearing them all the time? What if I get caught?

I began to observe the few rare occasions where Josie would take off her shoes and leave them behind – and one of those occasions was right before our gym class together on Thursdays.

Josie would use a super small storage room as her private changing room right before she would attend gymnastics with the students. She would change into gym clothes and also wear indoor shoes. Luckily for me, Josie would leave only those dirty white sneakers of hers behind as the one and only item!

I never questioned why she would change clothes in this room; all I knew was that if I wanted answers to my fantasy about how her shoes would smell like, this would be my only chance to find out!Shoe Gagged Bondage Girl For Sub-Shop

Finally Getting To Smell Josie’s Dirty Sneakers

So there I was on a normal Thursday, knowing that Josie’s shoes would be waiting for me in the tiny storage room. As she and the students left for gym class, I quietly snook off into the storage room to satisfy my curiosity.

I was anxious and excited at the same time, hoping that no one would find me sniffing my dominant female colleague’s dirty shoes as I closed the door behind me and bowed down to grab one of her shoes.

I raised it, dug my nose deep down into it, and took a good hard whiff! … The smell of her shoes was exactly how I imagined it: absolutely horrible!

It’s hard to explain the exact smell of her dirty shoes, but they had a combination of an old, moist, and funky worn-out smell to them.

I was instantly grossed out but also quite turned on at the same time as I stood there sniffing and gagging while sniffing Josie’s dirty shoes. It usually takes a lot for something to trigger my gag reflex but Josie’s stinky shoes absolutely did the trick with no problem!

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How Sniffing Josie’s Stinky Shoes Kick-Started My Interest In Female Domination, Submission, And Humiliation

In the days and weeks after I would occasionally find myself jerking off to the whole shoe-sniffing experience in bed at night, clearly remembering the gross smell of Josie’s stinky shoes that invaded my nose.

I started developing kinky fantasies about how dominant Josie would force me to smell her nasty shoes while she would laugh at me and verbally humiliate me.

I quickly began to build the story by connecting my new shoe domination fantasy with my special interest in watching online videos of girls bound and gagged as helpless damsels in distress – but this time I would be the one bound and gagged and – most importantly – dominated by Josie!

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In my fantasy, Josie would strictly hogtie me with rope, gag me with both of her worn woolen socks and wrap silver duct tape around my mouth so I couldn’t spit them out. She would then bury my nose deep inside one of her stinky sneakers and fixate it to my face by wrapping duct tape over the shoe sole and around my head.

Josie would sit back, light up a cigarette (even though she doesn’t smoke!), and enjoy herself watching me suffer from her worn woolen socks taped in my mouth while being forced to smell her stinky shoes.

I had never ever considered myself submissive until this shoe-sniffing experience totally kick-started a sudden interest in the world of female domination, submission, and humiliation!

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