Chair Tied Girl Gagged And Owned By A Thick Bitch

Captive bondage girl gagged by lesbian
Bound and gagged Anli is tied on a chair as she waits for her lesbian captor to come in (photo:

Sold By Nina!
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Cleave gagged and tape bound Anli Anila sits chair-tied and struggling when her captor, Nina Naranjo, walks in. Nina removes Anli’s cleave gags and puts a hand over her mouth instead while she makes a phone call.

Chair-bound Anli helplessly moans into Nina’s big silencing palm covering her mouth during the humiliating phone conversation, and once Nina has finished the phone call, she plasters pieces of silver duct tape on Anli’s mouth to have her remain silenced.

Sweet barefoot Anli is once again left to struggle, looking beautiful as ever wearing her tape gag while squirming on the chair she is tied to. Nina soon returns. She is on the phone again, talking with a potential buyer who will come soon.

After the phone call, Nina prepares Anli for her first visit with the potential buyer. She unties Anli from the chair, removes Anli’s silver duct tape gag, ties a white cloth over her mouth, and frees her hands. Nina then has Anli hop along into a nearby room where Anli will be made to give the potential buyer a welcoming handjob and a blowjob before he makes his decision!

Cleave gagged girl in bondage gagged with tape
Gorgeous Anli is bound, gagged, and owned by Nina!
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