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Bound And Gagged By Stepbrother’s Girlfriend!

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Xandra is the stepsister of Khloe’s boyfriend. Xandra knows that Khloe is with her step-brother only for his money because he is rich and Khloe can’t have the little bitch spoiling her dirty little secret!

As the scene starts we see Khloe having her boyfriend’s tape bound and scarf gagged little stepsister carried over the shoulder. Khloe throws the captured gossip girl on a bed and watches her struggle for a short while. Then she unties Xandra’s wrists only to restrain her to each bedpost so that Xandra is stuck to the bed in a Y-position.

Khloe takes a few selfies with bound and gagged Xandra and Xandra is freaking out as she hates Khloe so much! Xandra’s scarf gag is coming off and Khloe needs to make the noisy girl a proper gag. Khloe stands on the floor next to the bed where she teasingly takes off her nasty dirty panties.

Khloe then sits on top of bound Xandra and makes her smell her dirty panties with the scent of her pussy for a good long time to really tease and humiliate her before she stuffs the panties in Xandra’s whining mouth and duct tapes it shut tight, making Xandra even more humiliated than before!

Khloe snaps a few more pics of the tape gagged girl who is made to chew on her nasty worn pussy panties underneath her silencing tapegag. Khloe then lectures Xandra and gives her a nice and sexy farewell gag kiss before leaving the noisy girl bound and gagged to struggle on the bed!