Three Mean Girls Humiliate Chair Tied Captive In The Bathroom


A busty girl is freshing up in the bathroom when she is approached by two dominant women. The girl is made to sit on a chair where one of the women binds her hands behind her back with rope while the other woman is pulling the girl’s hair to control her!

When the girl is tied up, a third girl enters the bathroom. She is the leader of the group and she dominantly inspects the chair tied captive. It is clear that she absolutely loves seeing the girl all tied up and helpless!

The female leader humiliates the bound girl with verbal humiliation and gives her friends orders to cut the strings of their captive’s white top! The ruthless group leader then uses a screwdriver to scare the blonde damsel.

The girl is hand gagged by the woman who pulled her hair as a brown liquid is poured over her white top to ruin her clothes, making the girl scream. She is given a verbal lecture by the dominant squad leader before a bucket of cold water is turned upside down over the girl’s head, pouring cold water all over her!

The chair-tied girl is finally left bound, helpless, and humiliated in the bathroom!

Shortfilm produced in Argentina by Artemisa Producciones

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SOURCEArtemisa Producciones (YouTube)
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