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Handgagged by girlfriend

Abusive Girlfriend Handsmothers Her Pathetic Boy-Toy!

Anina is an extremely bossy girlfriend and she will take no bullshit from noone! Especially not her pathetic boyfriend whom Anina loves to handgag and handsmother from time to time just to remind him...
Femdom girl Sparrow Summers gives milking handjob to bound and gagged boyfriend

Seducing Girlfriend Jerks Off Her Restrained Boy: Not Letting Him Cum!

Captivating Sparrow Summers pull her boyfriend's arms behind his back and restrains him with a pair of black leather handcuffs. Clearly it's not sex she's after! Sparrow dominantly order her boyfriend to open up...
Annoying girlfriend chair tied and ball gagged (photo: selfgags.com)

How To Deal With Your Annoying Girlfriend

What to do when your annoying bitch-ass girlfriend think she's in charge of EVERYTHING around the house including what to watch on the tv? CLICK HERE TO GET INSPIRED! GET THE FULL VIDEO GUIDE BY CLICKING...