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Italian College Girl: Tape Bound, Panty Gagged and Carried Over His Shoulder!

Sexy college girl Natasha got her hands tied behind her back and is firmly handgagged by a man she have never seen before. Her captor has brought her to his apartment where he shuts...
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Angry Mom Deals With Daughter’s Evil School Bully!

My mom is the best in the whole wide world! I was bullied by my bratty classmate Nyx for several months and my teachers couldn't do anything to stop her. I told my mom...
Cheerleader girl carried over the shoulder by woman

Young Cheerleader Bound And Gagged By Evil Catburglar

Cute little Nyx (aka Mary Masochism) is very excited today! She just got a brand new cheerleader uniform from her parents and she can't wait to show it to the other girls at cheer...