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Snooping girl tied and tape gagged by catsuit burglars selfgags

Snooping Investigator: Bound & Captured By Catsuit Burglars! (Episode 1 of 2)

Girls should think twice before they stick their nose where it doesn't belong. That's what gorgeous brunette Angelina came to realize after she decided to collect evidence on a criminal network of cunning catsuit...
Trapped and gagged by Carleyelle in mummification bondage selfgags

Wrapped Up Like An Egyptian Mummy & Tape Gagged By The Crazy Artist!

Crazy blonde female artist Carleyelle is going out of her mind! She is working really hard to find inspiration for her next masterpiece but whatever she draws turns out really bad. Carley remember that...
Tightly tape gagged girl crying

Tightly Gagged And Completely Immobilized By The Catsuit Burglars!

Professional lady thieves Carleyelle and Lavinia break into a house to steal the diamonds rich bitch Jade is about to receive from her wealthy husband. Armed with white duct tape, masked and dressed in...
tape bound and tape gagged girl gagged by other woman

Bound And Gagged For Mercy

Criminal ladytaker Carleyelle is a catsuit burglar hired to snatch Jade, a beautiful girl with a valuable bracelet. Carleyelle has made her way into Jade's apartment and overpowers the poor girl with a tight...