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Handgagged by girlfriend

Abusive Girlfriend Handsmothers Her Pathetic Boy-Toy!

Anina is an extremely bossy girlfriend and she will take no bullshit from noone! Especially not her pathetic boyfriend whom Anina loves to handgag and handsmother from time to time just to remind him...
Femdom woman handgags man

Silencing Her Office Slave With Hand Over Mouth

Tall business executive Natalia is a true Goddess with no time for boyfriends or anything not related to her time consuming job which is why Natalia keeps a man tied up in her office...
Vicky Vixxx handsmothered by Asian Loosey Lu at SELFGAGS

Asian Handsmother Massage

Known for her unusual massage techniques, sexy Asian massage therapist Loosey Lu is hired for a massage by Vicky Vixxx. Vicky have no idea what these special techniques are all about and why people...