Stranded Girl Pole Mummified In Abandoned House

Stranded girl duct taped to pole and gagged tight
Yurca duct taped to a pole and tape gagged tight in an abandoned house (photo:

Stranded Girl Mummified To A Pole In An Abandoned House
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Beautiful Yurca is having car problems in the desert. She stops the first bypassing car she sees and asks for help to get her car started. Two guys step out of their truck to help the stranded damsel. At first, the guys seem to be very helpful but Yurca suddenly finds herself mummified from her ankles all the way up to her shoulders in an abandoned house with broken windows and graffiti on the walls. Her mouth is taped shut with multiple pieces of duct tape forming a big beautiful butterfly gag on the cocooned girl.

Yurca moans, yells, sobs, and struggles as much as her tight duct tape encasement allows it while her black mascara is smudged on her face. Yurca is desperately banging her head back and forth in an attempt to loosen herself from the pole but this ends when the scene skips and the poor girl has her forehead and mouth wrapped to the pole as well, making her head completely stuck and clung to the pole!

Yurca has no idea what is going to happen to her or why the guys are holding her captive in this dirty place!

Stranded girl in high heels duct tape wrapped and mummified to pole in abandoned warehouse
Yurca is tape gagged and mummified to a pole in an abandoned house (photo:
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SOURCEStranded Girl Mummified To A Pole In An Abandoned House
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