Snooping Female Detective Bound On Her Knees

Gagged female detective in boundage
A young female detective is forced to kneel tied up and gagged (photo:

Nancy Drew’s Outdoor Bondage Adventure
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Maria Martinez plays the part of a young snooping female detective Nancy Drew who gets caught and tied up in the great outdoors by the criminal MILF (Laura Martinez) she’s been hunting!

The snooping female detective enters the front seat in what appears to be an empty car when she is suddenly grabbed from behind! The nosey girl detective is taken out of the car and carried in the arms of the criminal MILF who puts little Nancy on the ground and ties her up with clear packaging tape!

Nancy yells at the criminal MILF and demands to be released, so the criminal MILF takes Nancy’s headscarf bandana and turns it into a tight and silencing cleave gag for the noisy snoop! Bound and gagged Nancy is left on the dirty ground with beautiful mountains in the background when heavy rain suddenly starts to pour down on the feisty damsel!

Damsel in distress gagged in bondagr
Nancy Drew is tied up and gagged in the rain

The scene fades and re-opens with Nancy heavily tied to a pole in a kneeling position on the ground. She is un-gagged and yelling for the criminal MILF to have mercy on her. However, her loud mouth is soon blocked by a white piece of cloth fiercely yanked inside her mouth by the criminal MILF!

Nancy then has her cloth-stuffed mouth wrapped shut with multiple layers of clear packaging tape strongly winded around her head by the criminal MILF who takes great joy in wrap gagging the little girl nice and hard, and once the clear wrap-gag is complete, the MILF grabs a roll of silver duct tape and wraps Nancy’s head to the pole she is already tied to!

Not only is Nancy severely gagged, but she is also totally stuck to the pole with her head wrapped to it in a very uncomfortable kneeling position! The criminal MILF abandons the kneeling female detective who appears to have absolutely no chance to escape this cruel bondage predicament!

Young gagged female detective in bondage
Maria Martinez is a young gagged female detective in bondage (photo:
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