Silly Police Officer: Overpowered, Chairtied & Tape Gagged By Sexy Shoplifter!

Sexy police girl Roxie Rae tape gagged by shoplifter Roxanne Rae
Silly police officer Roxie Rae becomes a chair tied, tape gagged and blindfolded damsel (photo:

Blonde police officer Roxie Rae got a warrant for the arrest of sexy shoplifter Roxanne Rae. Roxie comes to Roxanne’s house and is just about to make the arrest when she is overpowered by Roxanne who keeps the silly police woman tightly handgagged while ordering her to handcuff herself. Roxie cuff her hands behind her back and is taken upstairs where she is seated on a chair by the crazy shoplifter…


Police officer Roxie Rae handgagged by shoplifter Roxanne Rae
This is why a female police officer should never try to do an arrest alone
Female police officer Roxie Rae hand gagged in tape bondage
Tied up and hand gagged Roxie Rae is shown a worn and stolen pair of panties by shoplifting Roxanne
Hand gagged police officer Roxie Rae forced to smell dirty panties
Roxanne makes Roxie smell the panties she stole and wore a couple days ago!
Tape gagged police girl Roxie Rae in bondage
The dirty panties are stuffed in Roxie’s mouth which is now being taped shut by sexy Roxanne!
Chair tied police officer tape gagged in bondage
Shoplifter Roxanne shows bound and gagged police officer Roxie Rae another stolen object of hers: a blindfold!
Police girl Roxie Rae tied to a chair, tape gagged and blindfolded
Tied to a chair, gagged with a stolen pair of panties taped in her mouth and blinded with a blindfold, silly police officer Roxie is now an officially fucked damsel!

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SOURCERoxie & Roxanne in: Silly Police Officer: Overpowered, Chairtied & Tape Gagged By Sexy Shoplifter! (SELFGAGS)
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