Girl gagging girl with dirty panties

She Was Kidnapped For Flirting

Without knowing he already had a girlfriend, a sweet and innocent girl flirted with a handsome guy whose girlfriend turned out to be a maniac bitch who will do ANYTHING to protect her relationship! The...
Tied up girl gagged with microfoam tape by witch and zombie cheerleader

Bound By Witch And Zombie Girl For Halloween

It is Halloween night and a girl dressed as a kinky catsuit burglar gets magically bound and gagged by a MILF in a witch costume. The MILF gags the girl with duct tape, a ballgag,...
Tightly gagged girl in duct tape bondage

Tied Up By Boyfriend’s Little Sister

Mary is the girlfriend of Anli's brother and Anli never liked Mary. She wants her out of the family and she knows that Mary won't willingly go. So Anli decides to capture Mary to show...
Roommate duct taped to chair

Roommate Tricked Into Tape Bondage

Yurca and Mary are roommates. They both like the same guy and Mary has made plans to go on a date with the guy tonight. Yurca doesn't like that so she wants to keep...
9 girls bound and gagged in car

9 Damsels In Distress Bound And Gagged In Truck

Shantal is a notorious girl who hit the jackpot when she broke into a house where a big party full of college girls was happening! Here, the criminal bad-ass bitch managed to capture, bind and...
Cam girls bound and gagged

Live Cam Girls Gagged In Bondage

Two girls (Mary and Laika) are hosting a live cam show. Mary has no idea about that one private viewer request for her to become duct tape bound and gagged by Laika and their...
Honey Lemon tape gagged

Honey Lemon Hogtied – Fan Art Bondage

19-year-old Honey Lemon from the 'Big Hero 6' movie is all tied up and gagged damsel in a tight duct tape hogtie! Artwork by cabroon
Gagged woman bound in car

Helpful Hiker Tricked And Taken

A sexy female hiker comes by when a girl is having problems with her car. The girl asks the hiker for support so that she can get her car started. Helpful as she is,...
OTN Gagged Woman In mummification bondage

Crotch Roped, Saran Wrapped And Mummified

Adorable bondage model Lil Missy UK is harness crotch roped, cling film wrapped, and mummified with grey PVC tape. The barefoot cutie is then gagged with panties taped in her mouth with tape wrapped...
Spreadeagle bondage

Three Hot Girls Tied Spreadeagle On The Ground!

A guy has captured three tape gagged girls who's got their hands tied behind their backs. He makes them sit on the ground and begins hammering stakes into the ground as he is going to...