Lazy Teen Girl Bound And Tape Gagged By Mom

Duct taped teenage girl in bondage gagged by her mom
Maria won't be skipping school no more (photo:

Lazy Latina Teen Won’t Be Skipping School No More
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It’s early morning and Laura comes in to wake up her lazy teenage girl, Maria, who is late for school. Maria doesn’t want to wake up and simply goes back to rest every time Laura wakes her up.

Laura becomes frustrated and realizes that something has to be done to change Maria’s behavior.

Laura overpowers the napping beauty and encases her hands in long white socks. She firmly wraps duct tape around Maria’s socked hands, turning her hands into mitts. Then follows a tight ankle duct-tape restraint before Laura shoves Maria’s own worn napping socks into her big fat mouth to shut her up!

Bound teenage girl gagged with socks
The dirty sock mouth-packing is concealed with a tight tape cleave-gagging, that has the young girl bitching at her dominant mom who proceeds with tying up the muffled Latina cutie until she’s got her body wrapped up nice and tight!

As it is with disobedient brats like Maria, Laura knows the importance of a good ol’ fashioned ass spanking to deliver the message – and so, bound and gagged Maria is put over her mommy’s knee where she has her beautiful ass turned nicely warm and red!

One would think that this would be enough attitude adjustment for one day, but Laura ain’t done with Maria just yet. She unwraps Maria’s tight tape cleavegag and lets her spit out the dirty night socks only to replace her stuffing with four of Maria’s worn thongs which Laura effectively wraps inside her noisy mouth with duct tape wrapped around her head like a big-ass tape wrapgag!

Barefoot teen girl tied up and gagged with duct tape
Laura leaves her little girl sobbing to let her think about her bad attitude, and when she comes back, she ungags Maria once again – this time to know what it’s gonna be. Maria loudly begs Laura to untie her and promises to be a good girl. But Laura doesn’t buy it and decides that Maria needs more time bound and gagged, so she shoves the four thongs right back in Maria’s mouth, causing her cheeks to beautifully bulge, and wind duct tape around her head again, making the little cutie another cruel and silencing monster gag!!!

Lazy teenage daughter bound and gagged with duct tape by mom
Lazy teenage daughter Maria Martinez is tied up and gagged for skipping school (photo:
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