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Kidnapped Teen Girl Tied Up For Transport

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Nabbed Teen Girl Picked Up For Transport
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The last thing sweet teen girl Katherine Martinez remembers is the hand of a man. She now finds herself waking up to the sight of total darkness as she’s been hooded with a black plastic bag totally blinding her sight.

A tight cloth cleave gag keeps her lips secured while her arms and legs are rope tied out to each side as an X. She is bound and gagged in the great outdoors. Katherine struggles in desperation once she realizes what has happened to her when suddenly, her black plastic bag hood gets taken off!

An unknown woman (Laura Martinez) wearing black clothes and sunglasses tells the young girl to be quiet. The woman gradually starts to untie Katherine’s hands, only to re-tie them behind her back. Katherine is then put on a leash of rope and reluctantly made to walk the path to the woman’s car!

Kidnapped teen girl in bondage

The young girl is sitting on the edge of the open car trunk where the ruthless woman restrains her legs, arms, and chest with strong and sticky silver duct tape. Once securely tape bound, Katherine has her white shoes and stinky socks removed from her feet!

Her cleave gag is removed and her filthy socks are immediately shoved in her mouth, giving her no chance to say a single word in the gagging transition. The evil woman then winds secure layers of silver duct tape around the head of the sock-gagged girl, making her one tight, huge and massive wraparound tape gag!

Poor Katherine is then made to lay inside the car trunk where she grunts and struggles in despair before she is eventually hogtied with tape, has her stinky shoe tied to her face, and the trunk closed on her. We finally see the car driving off with the helpless teen damsel bound, gagged, and stuck inside the trunk!

Kidnapped girl tied up and gagged in car trunk
Katherine Martinez is a kidnapped teen girl in bondage (photo:
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