How I Discovered My Fetish For Tied Up Damsels In Distress

In this week's episode of Fetish Confessions, Phil from Selfgags explains how he first discovered his fascination for seeing girls tied up and gagged!

Drew Barrymore And Elisha Cuthbert Tape Gagged Damsels in Distress
Hollywood's way of showing women bound and gagged catalyzed a whole damsel in distress fetish at a very young age for Phil, who is now running his own adult bondage website

My name is Phil, I’m a 32-year-old pretty average-looking guy and I’m here to tell you how I discovered my fetish for girls tied up and gagged.

Before we get started I would like you to know a few basics about me:

I live in Europe and I come from a family where mom and dad have been separated since before I can remember. My younger brother and I lived with our mom full-time and we visited dad every other weekend.

Today, I run a successful website called where I get to offer video clips of sexy girls bound and gagged.

I’ve been a huge lover of tied and gagged damsels in distress ever since I was 6 years old and I’m here to tell you my story of how it all happened.

My Very First Encounter With Damsels In Distress

My first memory of seeing a damsel in distress was when I was watching an episode of the children’s cartoon called Spider-Man: The Animated Series from 1994. Mary Jane Watson was kidnapped by the villain and Spider-Man would come to her rescue.

I remember how I found it super exciting and extremely arousing not only to see Mary Jane tied up, but also to listen to the protesting sounds she would make in an attempt to be let go.

Of course, at the time, I didn’t know that what I felt was sexual energy running through my body as I was too young to understand what was going on. It just felt good.

Held Captive By The Girls In School

When I was around 8 or 9 years old there was this redhead in school called Rebecca. Rebecca had a best friend called Isabella and she was a really cute brunette.Girl Handgagging Guy

The two of them would take me ‘prisoner’ and hold me captive during class breaks, even though none of my other friends were ever looking for me.

Rebecca would give Isabella strict orders to silence me by using her hands as a gag. She directly told Isabella “shut him up!” even though I didn’t really say much.

I couldn’t describe the adrenaline rush those multiple handgagging experiences gave me at the time, and of course, I would act as if I didn’t like being held captive and handgagged by the girls even though I absolutely did!

Elisha Cuthbert Gagged As Kimberly Bauer in ’24’

Fast forward to 2001, there was this new thriller show on TV called ’24’! The series followed Kiefer Sutherland as federal agent Jack Bauer whose daughter, Kimberly Bauer (played by Elisha Cuthbert), got kidnapped, tied up, gagged, and transported away in a van during the very first few episodes.

Elisha Cuthbert duct tape gagged and kidnapped as Kim Bauer in 24

Watching this beautiful young blonde tapegagged girl being taken away, I was now certain and aware that I had a sexual interest in bound and gagged damsels in distress!

I was around 11 at the time and I would buy the whole first season of the show on DVD only to enjoy myself in bed as I was watching the Kim Bauer kidnap scenes over and over…

Drew Barrymore Tape Gagged As Dylan Sanders In Charlies Angels Gif

It was also around this time that the first Charlie’s Angels movie came out starring Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders who got duct tape gagged with red lipstick lips drawn on her tapegag near the end of the movie! Do I really need to tell you that I also watched this scene over and over while enjoying myself? I found it absolutely hot as fuck!

Browsing The World Wide Web For My Fetish

Having realized just how much I loved seeing women bound and gagged, I wanted to see more. The problem was that we didn’t have a computer at home and I needed to find alternative ways to browse the internet for my fetish of seeing girls tied up and gagged.

I would use the computers in the school library as well as internet cafés, always choosing a computer in the farthest corner to secretly search Google for things like “girl with tape on her mouth“. The search results quickly taught me that what I was looking for had a name: a tapegag.

As I sat there browsing Google, multiple search results would come up in Google’s image results. I was in the seventh heaven looking at all those photos of beautiful girls tied up and gagged right there in front of my eyes.

I didn’t really care much for the name of the websites showing me all the photos on Google, I simply enjoyed seeing those women looking helpless and vulnerable in their bondage.

This is when I decided to go to the browser’s navigation field and type in the word Google had taught me:

Visiting My Very First Bondage Website

As I hit ‘Enter’ after typing into the browser’s search bar, I was instantly taken to a website called Helpless Heroines which was a subscription-based adult membership site run by FM Concepts.

FM Concepts Helpless Heroines website back in 2001
The ‘Helpless Heroines’ website back in 2001

Helpless Heroines featured some of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen: Gia Mancini, Michelle Curtis, and Mackenzie Montgomery among many other gorgeous models in bondage.

I wasn’t old enough to own an electronic payment card yet, so I was simply enjoying their ‘Tour’ and their ‘Updates’ page which showed tiny little preview pics of their newly released photo sets in the member’s area.

Expanding My Kinky Online Horizons

As I quickly became a returning visitor to the one and only bondage website I knew existed, I later began to dig deeper and go on an adventure to explore other bondage websites in order to expand my horizons.

I was now 13 years old – old enough to own my first electronic debit card, yet definitely not old enough to be viewing all of those ‘forbidden’ 18+ websites…

As I was searching for more bondage websites I stumbled upon studios like Harmony Concepts, Dominic Wolfe, and Steve Villa of Girl Next Door Bondage who, at the time, was an extremely successful producer over at Clips4Sale.

My debit card was on fire, purchasing videos and monthly subscriptions for all of those lovely websites that gave me everything I sexually needed to satisfy my fetish:

  • Harmony Concepts had the wonderful busty blonde bondage model Stacy Burke
  • Dominic Wolfe would do rough gaggings on angry loud-mouthed girls
  • Steve Villa would showcase everyday life girls and MILFs in sexy fantasy scenarios

I also learned that my fetish wasn’t just about seeing girls tied up and gagged, it was also the part where she would be getting the gag – something that Dominic Wolfe and Steve Villa completely understood as they put a lot of work and effort into their work in order to show close-ups of the women getting gagged.

Stacy Burke bound and gagged blonde for Harmony Concepts
Stacy Burke bound and gagged for Harmony Concepts

The gag was (and still is) the most important aspect of the whole damsel in distress fetish for me, which is why I care very much for the details of having the girls’ gags made beautiful and effective in the videos I offer over at my own website.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Fetish Confessions! Stay tuned and check back later as we’re working to bring you more exciting fetish stories!

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