Silly Girl Wants To Be Tied Up And Gagged

Gagged with sweaty socks and tape, Ruby finally convinced her roommate to tie her up and gag her like the girl from the movie! (photo:

Please Bind And Gag Me Like The Girl From The Movie!
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Ruby just watched a movie in which her favorite celebrity got bound and gagged. This sparked a kinky fire in sweet Ruby who craves to try being bound and gagged herself – and who is better to ask for a favor like that than her roommate, Anli?

Ruby walks into the living room with two rolls of tape. She repeatedly begs Anli to tie her up and gag her, but Anli can’t seem to be bothered. Ruby is so persistent that Anli finally gives into Ruby’s wish and so she puts tape ties on Ruby, gags Ruby with her own sweaty socks, and duct tapes her mouth shut!

The lovely girl wearing glasses is then hogtied barefoot with tape connecting her tied wrists to her bound ankles!

Will Ruby regret asking Anli for the favor when she finds herself stuck and unable to escape?

Barefoot girl with glasses hogtied and tape gagged
Ruby really wanted to be tied up like the girl from the movie (photo:
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SOURCEPlease Bind And Gag Me Like The Girl From The Movie!


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