Helpful Girl Tied Up And Gagged In A Car

We've all been taught not to talk with strangers and this naive girl Katherine Martinez learned it the hard way.

Tied up pantyhose damsel gagged in car bondage
Naive Katherine Martinez never imagined she would end up bound and gagged in a car trunk (photo:

Helpful Hiker Tricked And Taken By Slave Trading Duo
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Maria Martinez is pretending to have a problem with her car as a sexy hiker, Katherine, comes by. Maria asks Katherine for support so that she can get her car started. Helpful as she is, Katherine wants to help Maria and offers her assistance. This is when she is grabbed from behind by a woman, Laura, who hid behind the car!

Maria and Laura rush poor Katherine to the backseat of the car where they take turns handgagging desperate Katherine! Laura removes Katherine’s own sweaty hiking socks and hands them to Maria who stuffs them in Katherine’s mouth!

Then follows layers of duct tape winded across Katherine’s sockgagged mouth and around her head. The poor girl is then securely getting tied up in the backseat of the car where Maria sits with Katherine’s head in her lap while Laura goes to the front of the car and drives.

Katherine cryingly whines into her sock-stuffed tape gag which makes Maria stroke her head and hushes her in the moving car. Katherine’s cries are becoming too much for Maria and Laura, so Laura finds a good place to place to stop the car.

Laura and Maria help each other to get tape-bound Katherine out of the car and escorts her to the trunk by making her hop. They stash Katherine inside the trunk and ties a white scarf over her tape wrap-gagged mouth as an over-the-mouth gag.

Maria takes a couple of sales pictures of the trunk-bound damsel. She and Laura are going to post the photos online and sell Katherine to the highest bidder. Katherine desperately gag talks and struggles inside the car trunk when it’s time to go. Laura and Maria close the trunk and goes inside the car to drive off with poor, bound Katherine.

Damsel tied up and gagged in car bondage
Young and naive Katherine gets taken away bound and gagged inside a car
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SOURCEHelpful Hiker Tricked And Taken By Slave Trading Duo


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