Scandinavian Blonde: All Gagged Up With Inflatable Butterfly, Vet Wrap And A Cruel Double Sock Stuffing Wrapped In Her Mouth With Clear Medical Tape!

Blonde Vanessa with socks taped in her mouth under clear tape gag wrapped around her head
Super sexy Vanessa with her own socks taped in her mouth with clear medical tape wrapped around her head! (photo:

Super sexy Vanessa from Scandinavia learns the true meaning of being an effectively gagged girl. I’ve got the young blonde all taped up on her knees with her arms and hands tied behind her back as I put the inflatable butterfly gag in her mouth, pump it up and wrap it in with red vet wrap. I adore the marvelous sight of her gagged face and listen to her sensual moans before I replace the gag with 2 of her own socks TIGHTLY taped in her mouth using clear medical tape to be able to enjoy the look of the enormous sock stuffing and her pink lips wrapped around it while they’re helplessly trapped underneath her awfully tight and painful tape gag! Priceless!


Vanessa is a blonde girl gagged with inflatable butterfly gag
Sexy Vanessa with an inflatable butterfly gag in her mouth
Wrap gagged blonde Vanessa with infltable gag in her mouth
The cute blonde has the inflatable gag wrapped in her mouth with red vet wrap
Blonde girl over the mouth gagged with vet wrap
The inflatable gag is fully blown up in Vanessa’s mouth behind her red vet wrap gag!
Blonde girl tape gagged tight
Vanessa’s wrapgag is now replaced with a double sock mouth stuffing and a painfully tight clear tape gag wrapped around her head!
Blonde Vanessa sock gagged and tape gagged tight
A closer look on that tight sock gag taped in her mouth!
Sock gagged girl tape gagged very tight
Tightly tape gagged Vanessa looks so helpless with both of her socks taped in her mouth

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