Mom Spanks Restrained Brat Daughter

Gagged brat daughter is ready to get her ass spanked by mom (photo:

What’s a mom to do when her daughter is being a disobedient little brat? Sierra Lovelea comes up with a solution to try and fix her 19 year-old daughter’s (Eliza Starr) bad attitude problems with a punishing time-out and a good ol’ fashioned hand spanking!

Dressed in slutty clothes with her school bag hanging over her shoulders, young Eliza comes home in the middle of the night only to meet mom Sierra waiting up for her in the living room. Sierra knows for a fact that Eliza haven’t been in school today and explains how tired she is of her bad behavior and her bad attitude. Sierra invites Eliza over to sit down for a little mother-daughter chat but Eliza doesn’t wanna talk to her mom right now.

Locked In The Stockade
Eliza notice a big brown wooden stockade her mom has placed on the table and asks what the fuck that is. Sierra says that this is her punishment for being such a misbehaving little brat and if she don’t follow orders, Sierra will make sure that the trip Eliza and her boyfriend has planned will be cancelled. Eliza curses at her mom for being blackmailed and forced to take her punishment while she relentlessly goes down on her knees to get locked in the stockade.

Gagging Her Daughter
Sierra closes the stockade around her cursing daughter’s hands and head and locks it. Eliza isn’t fund of being locked up by her mom and keeps calling her bad words. Sierra lift Eliza’s skirt and reveals the thong her slutty daughter’s been wearing all day. She pull the thong down and takes it off to use it as a mouth stuffing for Eliza’s dirty mouth. Sierra stuffs the worn thong into Eliza’s mouth and wraps it in with white medical tape going all the way around her head before she plasters three pieces of black duct tape outside her gag to seal the deal.

Spanked And Helpless
Eliza mmpphhs through her gag in misbehave of being silenced but mom really needed to take care of that bitchy mouth of hers. Sierra goes back behind the stockade to begin with the real punishment that should teach her daughter to be a good girl. She checks out Eliza’s fully exposed ass and gives it a little spanking to test her daughter’s reaction. Eliza whines in pain for the smacks her ass is taking by her mother who truly enjoys being in charge of her bratty little sweetheart.

Sierra increases the speed of her ass-smacking hands and slaps Eliza’s ass harder and faster, making her little girl sob and cry with her black mascara running down her adorable face while her ass becomes more and more red the more hard slaps it takes!



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