Young Cheerleader Bound And Gagged By Evil Catburglar

Knocked out cheerleader carried and ass groped over the catburglar's shoulder (photo:

Cute little Nyx (aka Mary Masochism) is very excited today! She just got a brand new cheerleader uniform from her parents and she can’t wait to show it to the other girls at cheer practice. In fact, Nyx is just about to leave the house when a ruthless catburglar (Vicky Vixxx) attacks the young cheerleader with a white cloth held against her face from behind.

Nyx desperately tries to fight off the home invading woman who immediately takes control of the situation by knocking out the poor little cutie. Nyx is sound asleep as Vicky picks up her limp body and lift her off the ground to carry her over the shoulder.

Taking It To The Bedroom
Carrying Nyx over the shoulder, Vicky pull up her short skirt and thoroughly starts to squeeze and grope the sleeping cheerleader’s exposed ass with her black leather gloves. Vicky moans in pleasure during the groping of that amazing ass which is nicely strutting into the open air over her shoulder. She gives it a spanking and carries limp Nyx into the bedroom upstairs.

Nyx slowly begins to wake up on the bed Vicky put her on. She can’t move and there is something tied into her a mouth tight. She looks around all groggy and confused as she sees the face of woman who overpowered her and knocked her out downstairs. Vicky teasingly says good morning to Nyx who quickly realize that not only have she been moved to a different room; she’s also bound and gagged!

Nyx hysterically starts to struggle and mmpph in surprise of what has happend to her. She’s got her hands, ankles and thighs restrained with silver duct tape and a green bandana matching the color of her cheerleader skirt tied into her mouth as a tight cleave gag.

Vicky victoriously stands by the edge of the bed, dominantly looking down on the whimpering cheerleader who does anything she can do try and break free of her bonds. Vicky tells Nyx that she is here for her mom’s jewelry and asks where it is. “I don’t know!” Nyx helplessly cries out with muffled mumbling through the silencing bandana tied in her mouth. Nyx cries hysterically in frustration as she is sat up by Vicky and has the cleave gag pulled out of her mouth to dangle around her neck.

Vicky ask her crying captive where her mom keeps the jewelry but Nyx don’t know. Vicky handgags Nyx very tight with her leather gloved hands. Nyx gag talks and whimpers into the black leather gloves that muffles her words. Vicky starts an interrogation to find out where Nyx’ mom keeps her jewelry, removing her hand to allow Nyx to answer only to clamp it right back over her mouth. Nyx is repeatedly handgagged and sobs due to the hard pressure the handgagging catburglar puts on her.

Gagged With Her Mom’s Dirty Panties
Vicky shows Nyx a pink pair of panties she took from the hamper while Nyx were sleeping. She flaunts it at Nyx who screams out “Those are my moms!” before she is handgagged again. Nyx is given one last chance to tell Vicky where her mom keep the jewelry or else she will be gagged with her dirty panties. Nyx have no idea about where her mom’s jewelry are and receives the worn panty gag she was promised by Vicky.

Nyx moans in agony for having her mom’s nasty panties stuffed in her mouth and she tries to focus on not to let them trigger her gag reflex so she won’t be gagging on them! But mom’s panties do trigger her gag reflex and Nyx is gagging on her panties. Vicky is acting very quickly now that she’s got the cheerleader’s mouth stuffed with her mom’s dirty panties and tapes them in with 4 long pieces of silver duct tape that makes one large mouth covering tape gag over Nyx’ panty stuffed mouth!

Vicky push Nyx down on the bed and leaves the room to find the jewelry herself. Nyx is frantic, desperate and hysterical as she wildy squirm and struggle on the bed to break the ties that restrains her body while she scream out smothered sounds of pure helplessness with her mom’s silencing panties taped in her mouth. She kicks, bumps up and down and rolls around on the bed but there is no escape from the catburglar’s ruthless tape ties.

Nighty Night, Bitch!
Vicky returns to the bedroom to check on her prisoner who madly mmmppphhs and struggles like the little damsel in distress she is. Nyx is told that Vicky couldn’t find any of her mom’s jewelry and since Nyx won’t tell her where it is, Vicky will have to take Nyx with her and not go empty handed.

Vicky pulls out the white cloth she used to knock Nyx out with earlier and covers her face with it. The cheerleader’s intense screaming slowly fades out as she is forced back to sleep by the cunning catburglar. Vicky grabs sleeping Nyx, picks her up and throws her up over her shoulder again. Vicky fondles her ass and smacks it while saying “you should have told me where the jewelry was, bitch!” as she carries off the limp cheerleader to hold her for ransom.



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