Teen Girl Tied And Gagged By Cursed Teddy Bear

Bound and gagged teenage girl stuck in tight tape bondage
Katherine is losing all hope as she is repeatedly tied up and gagged by her cursed teddy bear! (photo: selfgags.com)

The Teenage Girl And The Cursed Teddy Bear
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A 19 years old teenage girl comes home to find a mysterious box on her bed. She opens the mystery box. Inside is a yellow teddy bear, some socks, scarves, a bunch of pantyhose, and some panties… Who put it here and why?

The young girl suddenly falls asleep as if she’s been knocked out, and only minutes later she wakes up to find herself all tied up and cleave gagged. The girl doesn’t understand what happened to her. Why was she knocked out and who tied her up?

The girl is once again hit by a sudden urge to rest and when she wakes up she is now tied differently. Her hotpants are pulled down and her top pulled up, revealing her underwear. More ties have been applied to her body and her gag has changed into a panty mouth stuffed cleave gag.

Tied teenage girl cleave gagged on bed with teddy bear
Cleave gagged Katherine desperately looks at the cursed teddy bear responsible for her bondage!

She struggles and wonders what the hell is going on until she starts to connect the dots… Maybe the innocent-looking teddy bear is cursed and maybe it’s magically tying her up and gagging her! She looks at the bear in fear knowing it has even more ties and gags in store for her!

The poor thing becomes tied up and gagged in five different ways while she, with each new tie, is gradually undressed all the way down to her underwear!

Teenage girl wearing pantyhose tied up and gagged by cursed teddy bear
Katherine is magically tied up and gagged by her cursed teddy bear! (photo: selfgags.com)
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