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Anastasia Rose tape gagged and scared selfgags

Thieving Roommate: Locked In The Stockade And Gagged With Her Own Panties!

18 year old Anastasia Rose is living in a house with mature landlord and fellow roommate Sierra Lovelea. Things magically began to disappear around the house lately, including some of Sierra's money. So one...
Evil daughter whipping her gagged mom

Gagged Mom Whipped By Ruthless Brat Daughter

Tables turn on mom Sierra when her bratty daughter Eliza threatens to tell dad all about how mom had her locked in the stockade and spanked her ass the other day. CLICK HERE TO WATCH...
Daughter locked and tapegagged in stockade for spanking

Mom Spanks Restrained Brat Daughter

What's a mom to do when her daughter is being a disobedient little brat? Sierra Lovelea comes up with a solution to try and fix her 19 year-old daughter's (Eliza Starr) bad attitude problems...