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Collared slave girl bit gagged

Collared Slave Girl: Gagged For Master!

You're her Master, she's your slave. Young submissive newcomer Sparrow Summers has a big mouth which sometimes needs a good round of gagging in order to put her in place. She knows that Master...
Bit gagged school girl

Innocent School Girl: Blackmailed Into Self-Gagging By Her Teacher!

What happens when your teacher got something really bad on you that you don't want your parents to find out? You get blackmailed! Adorable Miss Summers is on webcam with her teacher who threatens...
tape gagged girl has hands on throat

A Mistress And Her Sub

Real life girlfriends Sparrow and Silver are in a real dom/sub relationship and now is your chance to see the two amateurs enjoy a little kinky playtime together! Watch as mistress Sparrow turns her...
Femdom girl Sparrow Summers gives milking handjob to bound and gagged boyfriend

Seducing Girlfriend Jerks Off Her Restrained Boy: Not Letting Him Cum!

Captivating Sparrow Summers pull her boyfriend's arms behind his back and restrains him with a pair of black leather handcuffs. Clearly it's not sex she's after! Sparrow dominantly order her boyfriend to open up...
Tape Gagged Girl With Cum On Her Face selfgags

Tape Gagged Handjob Slut!

Collared, topless and tapegagged slave girl Sparrow Summers is on her knees ready to give Master a handjob. The young submissive eagerly reach down Master's pants and pulls out his cock. She wrap her...
Captured ball gagged college girl

The Blowjob Ultimatum: Captured College Girl Sucks For Her Freedom!

Sexy bound and ballgagged college student Sparrow Summers is given an ultimatum by her captor: You either remain my bound and gagged prisoner or you suck my cock and be let go. Sparrow is...