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Latina Step-Sisters Bound And Gagged By Evil Cousin

Oriana Gonzalez is a wild, aggressive, and extremely dominant woman and she will let no one get in her way to achieve her goals, not even her silly cousins Maria and Katherine Martinez. As the...
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Latina Teen Babysitter Hogtaped On Table With A Super Stinky Running Shoe Tied To...

Cute Maria Martinez thought it would be an easy job babysitting these two little angels. She's only just left the room where the little ones are napping when she is attacked from behind with...
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Nerdy Party Girl Bound And Gagged And Left To Struggle By Her Roommate On...

Mary Macaya and her friend Ruby Revilla are all dressed up and ready to go to a party. The girls are sitting on the sofa putting on make-up, but when Ruby won't let Mary...
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Gagged With Each Other’s Stinky Socks And Foot Worshipped By Step-Mom!

Sweet sexy sisters Katherine and Maria Martinez are already bound and lightly gagged when their step-mom, Laura, comes in. Laura removes the shoes and smelly socks from each of her tied up daughters and...
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Bound And Gagged For Social Media Likes!

Sexy 19-year-old Mary Macaya is so hungry for likes on social media that she will do anything to get them! The young starlet is taking selfies in the living room when her housemate, Anli Anila,...
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Cute Latina Girl Tied And Gagged By Mean Girl

We all know how vicious girls can be to one another, especially in their teenage years! Meet 19-year-old Mary Macaya and her friend Laika Labado. Mary is a ruthless girl who absolutely loves to mock...
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Latina Daughters Duct Tape Wrap Gagged Big And Tight By Skilled Mom

Silly Latina sweethearts Katherine and Maria crave good and effective gagging by their real-life MILF, Laura Martinez. The two girls fight to be the one getting gagged by Laura when, to Maria's great disappointment,...

Cute Glamour Model Gagged In The Great Outdoors

Teresa is your typical girl next door but she's also a glamour model. Teresa is in her early 20's and today she is hired for a rather unusual job where she have to be...
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Sexy Mom Gagged With Ten Socks And Clear Tape!

The time has come to test the capacity of sexy latina MILF Laura Martinez' mouth. Having tested how many socks each of her cute daughter's mouths can take it is finally her daughters turn...
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Misha Self Gagged With Dirty Socks And Sticky Duct Tape

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