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What happens when nosey big sister Kitty goes through mommy's closet and finds a powerful fucking machine? She uses it on her little sister! Phoenix knows exactly how evil her twisted big sister can...
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Hogtied Heartbreaker Sold By Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother

Beautiful young Porcelain Doll just screwed up her relationship with her boyfriend Matt by sleeping with one of his best friends. The cheating slut comes over to collect her things when she is welcomed...
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Experimental Lesbians: Testing The Power Of Machine Fucked Pussy (Episode 2 of 2)

After Kitty came and got her time it's now Georgia's turn to have the power of her pussy tested. Kitty takes her worn panties and starts an amazing mouth packing job to really fill...
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Experimental Lesbians: Testing The Power Of Machine Fucked Pussy (Episode 1 of 2)

Sexy lesbian hotties Kitty Come and Georgia Glass (aka Sadie Sharp) dare each other to find out which one of them has the strongest pussy. The rules are simple: Set the timer, get machine...