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Gagged Asian girl duct taped to chair and forced to cum

Asian School Bully Tied Up And Forced To Cum By Strong BBW!

Everyone love to pick on Layla Moore at school because she's a BBW, but Asian Little Mina is the worst of them all! Layla has come to Mina's house with a plan where she...
Vicky Vixxx handsmothered by Asian Loosey Lu at SELFGAGS

Asian Handsmother Massage

Known for her unusual massage techniques, sexy Asian massage therapist Loosey Lu is hired for a massage by Vicky Vixxx. Vicky have no idea what these special techniques are all about and why people...
Asian damsel tape gagged and hogtied by her milf client (photo: selfgags.com)

Asian Meditation Coach Hogtied And Tape Gagged

Hardworking business woman Vicky Vixxx hires personal meditation coach Loosey Lu in search of inner peace. Vicky and Loosey meditate together on Vicky's living room floor with their eyes closed but Vicky is struggling...