Stalked Ex-Girlfriend Tied Up And Gagged

Tape gagged girl in bondage on a bed
Anli Anila tied up and gagged by her crazy ex-boyfriend (photo:

Stalked By Her Crazy Ex-Boyfriend
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Sexy Anli Anila thought everything was going to be okay after she broke up with her crazy ex-boyfriend. But one night, after months of secretly stalking the poor girl, her ex-boyfriend showed up at her house, broke into it, and crept up on her during her sleep – ready to take her back at all costs!

The sleeping girl is wakened with a piece of duct tape tightly put on her mouth during her sleep. At first, she has no idea about what’s going on, but she soon realizes that she’s been gagged by her crazy ex-boyfriend who also ties her up with duct tape!

Sleeping Girl Tape Gagged At Night
Anli is wakened with at tapegag

The young girl protests into her tapegag as her body gets taped up by the mad man. And once he’s finished tying up the girl, he lifts her off the bed and carries her over the shoulder bound and gagged into the room next door for some more bondage fun…

Sexy Girl Bound And Gagged By Ex-Boyfriend
Anli gets tied and taken by her crazy ex-boyfriend
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SOURCEStalked By Her Crazy Ex-Boyfriend


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