Asian Meditation Coach Hogtied And Tape Gagged

Asian damsel tape gagged and hogtied by her milf client (photo:

Hardworking business woman Vicky Vixxx hires personal meditation coach Loosey Lu in search of inner peace. Vicky and Loosey meditate together on Vicky’s living room floor with their eyes closed but Vicky is struggling to stay focused.

Loosey gently guides Vicky with a soft voice and tells her what to think of but Vicky can’t concentrate. Loosey starts a round of breathing exercises with Vicky to get her nice and relaxed. Vicky feels restless and stares at her Asian coach doing her “breathe in, breathe out” exercise with her eyes closed.

Knocking Her Out
Vicky quietly sneaks out of the room with Loosey meditating and instructing without knowing that her client has left the room. Vicky sneaks back into the room holding onto a white soaked cloth which she quietly flaunts in front of Loosey’s face. Loosey is still doing the breathing exercise with her eyes closed and now she begins to wonder about some weird smell.

“I wouldn’t breathe in too much now if I were you” Vicky teasingly tells her Asian meditation coach as she ruthlessly presses the cloth against her face. Loosey turns frantic and instantly starts a fight to remove the white cloth that makes her feel so very tired the longer it’s held over her face. It’s a lost battle for the little Asian who relentlessly surrenders to the strong knock out fumes and goes to sleep. Vicky is proud of how she managed to trick her coach and decides make Loosey another surprise for when she wakes up.

Waking Up In Bondage
Loosey wakes up groggy and confused in a nice rope restraining hogtie on the black sofa in Vicky’s living room as she desperately calls out for help. Vicky enters the living room and tells the bound Asian that all she could think of during the meditation was how she would look in a hogtie. Loosey has other clients to visit today and yells at Vicky to release her.

Vicky approaches Loosey and shows her a tiny wad of cloth. “What is that?!” Loosey asks Vicky with yelling. “These are my panties” Vicky says and stuffs them in Loosey’s mouth. Loosey whines in opposal for getting her mouth stuffed by Vicky who quickly adds a piece of silver duct tape to keep the mmpphhing Asian from spitting out the panties.

Vicky checks the rope to make sure the hogtie is still nice and tight before she sits down and closes her eyes to meditate with Loosey moaning and struggling against her bonds right behind her. Listening to the muffled sounds coming from Loosey’s gagged mouth makes Vicky feel way more relaxed than she was before but the tied up coach is still making way too much noise for Vicky’s likening.

Taping Her Mouth Shut
Vicky gets up to sit on top of the hogtied Asian to make her tape gag even more effective by building it larger with three more pieces of sticky duct tape to quiet her down. Loosey is outraged and protests at Vicky during the extra tape gagging but as Vicky already told her; the more muffled noise she makes the more Vicky likes it.

With Loosey effectively tape gagged with four perfect pieces of duct tape Vicky sits down to meditate again. Loosey is furious and struggles like the helpless hogtied captive that she is. “Let me gommpph!” she loudly yell through her duct taped pantygag with Vicky totally ignoring her cries for help.

Vicky fully concentrates on herself while she listens to the continuous tape gag talk her Asian damsel makes. The more Loosey protests and gag talks the more soothing the meditation is for Vicky and she finally manage to find the inner peace Loosey told her to! “It worked! It really, really worked!” Vicky excitingly tells Loosey who still grunts with bitching voice behind her gag.

Nighty Night
Vicky found her inner peace but she think Loosey seems a bit stressed out due to the fact that she is tied up and gagged so Vicky wants to help her relax and find inner peace too. She takes the white cloth and shows it to Loosey who immediately shakes her head in denial well aware about what is going to happen next.

Vicky holds the cloth against Loosey’s face. Loosey screams through her tape gag in rejection for having the white cloth held over her face again but it doesn’t take long before her muffled screams fade out and she becomes quiet in her sleep. Nighty night, sweetheart!




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