Gagged Mom Whipped By Ruthless Brat Daughter

Dominant daughter whips mommy's ass (photo:

Tables turn on mom Sierra when her bratty daughter Eliza threatens to tell dad all about how mom had her locked in the stockade and spanked her ass the other day. Eliza is pretty sure that dad won’t like to hear about how his little princess was punished and humiliated the way she was and if she shouldn’t tell him, mom has to go in the stockade. Sierra is forced to obey by Eliza’s rules so the truth won’t come out and so she relentlessly prepares the heavy wooden stockade, gets down on her knees and places her hands and head in it.

Restraining Mom
Eliza closes the stockade around her mom and locks it up real good so she won’t go anywhere. With her kneeling mom all locked up, Eliza goes behind her and lift up up her dress. Sierra is wearing fullback panties and Eliza wants to gag her with them like mom gagged her with her own worn thong.

Gagged With Her Own Panties
Eliza pull down her mom’s panties and gets them off of her to be stuffed in her mouth. Eliza stuffs her mom’s mouth with her own worn panties and ties them in with black duct tape wrapped over her hair around her head.

Sierra won’t be able to spit out her panties now that her daughter have her tape gagged. Sierra think Eliza is going to spank her ass like she did on her but Eliza got other plans for her humiliated mother.

Whip It
The young brat found one of Sierra’s ninetail whips and shows it to her. Eliza playfully begins to whip her mother’s exposed ass and makes her mommy moan in pain for every whip that she make her ass take. Eliza giggles like the dominant little princess she is while she victoriously takes a stand to get a good hit on Sierra’s ass.

Eliza whips that ass nice and hard, making her mom cry and sob in pain! Sierra tries to kick her daughter in frustration over the cruel whipping only to have her ass whipped even harder for doing it. Eliza is one mean bitch and she totally enjoys being in charge of her degraded mother.

She whips her mom’s ass all sore and red and spanks it with her hand before she goes back to whipping it again. Sierra screech out gagged muffles of extreme pain for the ruthless treatment her ass is given while all her punishing daughter does is to laugh and have fun whipping her!



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