Bound and gagged mom smells daughter's stinky feet
Brat daughter makes her bound and gagged mom smell her feet (photo:

It is early morning and mom Sierra doesn’t want to get out of bed. She is woken up by her bratty daughter Eliza who wants mom to cook breakfast but mom is really lazy and tells her daughter to cook by herself. The two of them argues, Sierra in her nightgown and Eliza in her pajamas, when mom asks Eliza when it was the last time she took a shower. It’s been a while since Eliza took a shower and she didn’t even do it after sweating at gym class yesterday.

Eliza jumps into mommy’s bed and grabs her with a headlocking handgag. She tells mom that if she want to stay in bed and sleep so bad then she shall sleep as she positions her hand so it is covering mom’s mouth and nose at the same time. Sierra tries to fight off her dominant brat of a daughter but it’s hard when she’s got her tightly handgagged in a headlock. Eliza makes mommy go to sleep with a plan to humiliate her for when she wakes up.

Gagging Mom
Later that morning Sierra slowly starts waking up. Eliza has tied up her mom with duct tape on the floor and is sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet down on mom’s face. She teasingly rub her bare feet in mom’s face well-knowing how stinky and sweaty they are! Mom is telling her daughter to stop but Eliza has only just begun.

She take the panties she wore during gym glass yesterday and tells mom how dirty and nasty they are as she stuffs them deep in her mouth. Sierra mmpphs from the taste of her daughter’s filthy gym panties as multiple pieces of black duct tape gets plastered over her mouth so she can’t spit them out. Eliza makes mom a really good and big tape gag to shut her up and keep the panties in her mouth.

Smell My Stinky Feet
Eliza sits down next to her panty gagged mom and puts her smelly feet down on her face again. Eliza rubs her soles against the multilayered tape gag right in front mommy’s nose while she ask how her feet smell and how the panties taste. Sierra moans in humiliation by what her daughter is doing to her. Eliza keeps her feet going around mommy’s face for a good while before she playfully licks and kisses Sierra’s black tape gag.

Eliza takes her sweaty socks (also worn during gym class) and covers her mother’s nose with them to make her get a good sniff. She goes back to sit on the bed where she moves the dirty socks around mom’s gagged face with her bare feet on the floor while she makes a lot of dominant comments to piss off her bound and gagged mom. What an evil little brat princess!



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